Monday, July 16, 2018

Mom Tips with our resident mom Kara Jesi DPT

How to Manage “Mom Posture”

Being a mom is tough work. Feeding, holding, carrying and cleaning your new little one is the hardest, best job you will ever have. Once you get a minute to catch your breath you may begin noticing new aches and pains. “Mom Posture” is a term used to describe the cause of some of these pains- rounded shoulders, forward head posture and an anterior pelvic tilt are some of them. Here are a few tips and stretches to aid in reducing those symptoms and to help improve your posture.

Tip 1:
Switch sides when holding your baby. We become accustomed to holding our kids on one side causing unilateral back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. By alternating sides, we can help equal that repetitive weight shift.

Tip 2:
Use pillows to help support you and baby when nursing or bottle feeding. This can help to decrease the amount you will round your shoulders and neck, and let you relax!

Tip 3:
Utilize a small seat or stool when bathing your baby in the bathtub. It is easy to just kneel down and lean over the tub, however, a simple step or stool can allow you to maintain a straight back during bath time.

Tip 4:
Try this alternative position for carrying a car seat. This position can help keep you upright while carrying your little one around. (picture)


1.     Doorway Pec Stretch 

2.     Chin Tuck 

3.     Side Lying Rotations 

4.     Scapular Squeezes 

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