Thursday, August 9, 2018

Single leg hinging

Single Leg Deadlift Variations:

*all promote weight acceptance and stability in the stance leg or forward leg

No weight
  • Greater focus on balance because there’s no weight to counterbalance the movement
  • If unsteady - foam roller or resistance band in the opposite hand is helpful or  lateralizing the movement to a kickstand RDL
Weighted split stance
  • Helpful if balance is unstable, still able to effectively strengthen the posterior chain of the front leg
  • Still can target one leg greater than the other which oftentimes is a target of rehab

Weighted & resistance band; resistance band - no weight; foam roller
  • Resistance band or foam roller increase tension in your anterior core and lat
  • The resistance band also encourages keeping the weight close to the body that
  • translates to traditional RDLs and improves overall lifting mechanics


  • Useful if pt is able to maintain proper upper body posture during the movement
  • Can increase load to continually achieve strength gains
  • May actually decrease the balance challenge due to counter balance effect

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