Thursday, August 11, 2016


Uphold...don't fold....!

The squat is a compound exercise.  As with any complex movement there are many muscles working together to maintain proper form throughout the squat.

If any of these muscles become weak the balance between muscles gets distorted.

This imbalance can lead to a dysfunctional pattern ultimately increasing the chances of injury.

Take a look at this squat and watch the back fold excessively forward.

Because the squat is primarily a lower body movement, you may think this folding is due to tightness or weakness in the legs, or possibly a limitation in range of motion.

However, lack of trunk stability and control may lead to this folding during the eccentric (lowering) portion of the squat.

Now, how can we fix this?

By pushing the individual into the faulty pattern, we elicit an increase in the recruitment of weaker muscles thus fixing the form.

In the case of folding during the squat, applying an anterior load will help fire the extensor muscles.  These muscles help maintain a more upright posture throughout the movement.

The farther away from the body you hold the weight the more tension you create.

If you are a chronic folder this technique with lighter weight is a good starting point.  As you become more comfortable bring the weight in closer into a goblet squat where you can start increasing the weight.

So on your next leg day add some goblet squats into the mix and feel the difference!

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