Sunday, August 7, 2016


Having shoulder pain or stiffness?  Give this reset a try.

Ballistic Repeated shoulder extensions are a great way to restore shoulder motion or decrease pain. 

This technique is specifically beneficial for restoring shoulder internal rotation limitations that can contribute to shoulder pain. 

We constantly spend the day reaching forward, sitting at work, typing, on our phones. By whipping your shoulder into the end range of extension you are providing a novel input to the nervous system. This helps decrease threat, restore range of motion, and reduce pain temporarily.

As long as this movement is not increasing your pain, try these shoulder whips to increase shoulder functionality.  

Performing the whips before working out may help improve mobility and decrease pain with upper body exercise. 

Since the positive effects of this simple movement are initially temporary, it should be repeated regularly throughout the day. 

Performing 10 shoulder whips per hour would result in more permanent results. 

For any shoulder issues make sure to give us a call!

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