Wednesday, February 15, 2017

5 Prone Row Variations for a Stronger Pull


Prone rows off of a bench are equal and opposite to performing a bench press.

They are a great way to crush the upper back without overloading your lower back.

The bench allows one to dissociate thoracic extension from lumbar extension by flexing your hips as seen in the video.  This is much harder to do in a traditional bent over row.

Put a bench on top of some plyo boxes to accommodate a full range of motion.

Get creative and vary depending on your goals or just to promote movement variability.


Barbell Prone Row - Allows one to go heavier - Exact opposite movement of a barbell bench press

Banded - Assisted Barbell Prone Row - Allows one to work the entire range of motion by accommodating the resistance where it is harder to pull.

Kettlebell / Dumbell - Just like other KB / DB exercises allows you to isolate one side to work on asymmetries and clean up movement inefficiencies.  We like to work up to a wider angle out to the side to eliminate the forward roll that can occur with too much shoulder extension

Holds - We like to utilize holds at the end of exercises to build endurance, time under tension and this can add a natural bloodflow restriction which can have hormonal benefits.  Isometrics in a rehab setting can also help modulate pain.

1 arm vs 2 arms - One arm rows require one to resist rotation which adds another core component to the exercise.  You could do one arm or do a static hold with the other arm - that allows for the benefits of a hold as well as the anti-rotation benefit of the one arm.

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Andy, Matt and Angel

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