Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Glute Med Wall Lean

Asymmetrical loading of either legs is often seen in individuals with unilateral back pain, which has the potential to inhibit stabilizer muscles.

Low back pain affect most of us at some point. Those of us who do are more likely to experience it again. For this reason learning what and how to load is key.

To get back into the grove of things single leg loading is a good staring point, especially graded from the ground up. Both in the rehab and performance scene this exercise can be used to increase Glute Medius strength and control.

To perform this exercise:
1)Start a foot distance from he wall.

2)Standing on one leg press the lateral side of the calve of the raised leg to the wall.

3)Slowly lean sideways towards the wall. You should feel the Glute med turn on. 

🔑Hold for a couple of slow and in control breaths.

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